Last year

Last year

Last year

Last year

I didn’t know she was in pain. I thought she just tired until I saw her crying. She couldn’t move, the pins between her leg’s bones broke. I thought it was only a (usual) broken bone. That year, I broke my arm and she (had to) broke her leg.

She had cancer, osteosarcoma. Doctor cut the bone for irradiation and put it back. But the cancer cells already spread to the lung

Then, 12 months run fast. Chemotherapy made her skin darker than normal skin, her hair fall, vomit, hallucinate, dehydrate. She was hardly crying but her eyes couldn’t lie. Hospital became a new house for us.

I left her in the hospital. Our last goodbye. We tried not to cry: Probably I won’t see you again. I said: no, I’ll see you next year.

That last year. She is no longer with us. I had to wait for two days before I was assured she passed away. No one told me but people wrote their condolences on her facebook.

I watched people wrote their memories about her for days. I was afraid to ask, afraid that it was true. It was hurt and still hurt.

I’ll be home soon… and she will not be there

I wish I get over the sadness….

I miss you, dearest sister

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