Bali….! the land of gods

Holaaa….. hello…. halo… hai….

It has been for ages that I post pictures here.

I went to Bali early this month for a conference and I spent my times to wandering (expensive for me) around the town (or island). No public bus as I saw, rent a car, call grab/uber/gojek, rent a motorbike are the options. Since I can not drive, the only option was rent a car. It was 600,000 rupiah per day and the driver will take you anywhere you likes excluded the tickets. I bought the driver lunch, snack and water but he refused.

Temple Bali


Temples are commonly found in Bali. They have at least three small prayers at the house: for the underground gods, the keepers, and the ultimate gods. There are several type of temples: house temples, family temple and temple for publics. It is interesting to know their custom but I will not talk about it since I might be wrong.


Bali Gapura

The gate of a temple


Bali Rangga Patung

The goddess with a child on her arm


Bali mother and kids

Mother and kids


Bali father and kids

Father and kids

I am not sure why there are so many kids.


Bali the guard

The guard


Bali The man statue

the man









Daun. Leaves. Rau



Why not leaf? I love flower and whenever I went to the forest, flower was one indicators that i need to collect the species. But why not leaf? they have diverse form, color, modification, smell.



Phyllotaxis. Leaf arrangement. Opposite, alternate, spiral, whorled. They have their own decision to pose.

Leaf arrangement

From above

Never over shadow other leaves. They share the sun ray to ignite the factory of oxygen.



It is not only green but also white-greenish


Pinkish dots

or pinkish dots


or white dots

So why not looking up for the beauty of the leaves. Daun.


Found this fruits when I spent sometime in the botanic garden. It was hot and I forgot to apply sun screen since I thought it will be another gloomy day (stupid decision, of course). Forgot the sunglasses and the hat!

Cyclanthera explodens

Cyclanthera explodens

I remember this fruit! when I came here at the first time, the local always encouraged me to have breakfast together and they consumed this with sambal. They just picked the young fruits in the garden, it was fresh. Well, fresh from the nature. The taste was not that good but the freshness and the sambal made itu yummy. They called it tetimunan.

Cyclanthera explodens


Another thing I saw on the way back home was this species


Daaang I forgot the name

This plant is native to our area but daaaang….. how come I forget the name????

Anyway, I will get back to this post. I have not have breakfast yet. And the sun is getting higher. I need to do my work before rain pouring

New FP

Hi, I have been dormant for several months, have not go out for some pictures.

Sonchus arvensis fruit

Sonchus arvensis

For the last 2 years, I am focusing on Invasive Alien Species (IAS), especially plant species. In addition of my work, many times I collect some pictures of these species and try to find out more about them.

So I started a new facebook page that mostly introduced the IAS around my neighbourhood. It is just really new, so I have not any followers yet. If you stumble upon my FP and see no followers, please do not hesitate to follow.

The link:

See you there…..

One of IAS is Sonchus arvensis of Asteraceae. This species is native to Europe but now spreading every where and now we can find it around us. Just like Asteraceae species the seeds of this plant are easily blown by air.





Hello there

Hello there

It have been a while since the last time I upload pictures. There were so many events in between the last upload and now. Mom was ill, passed away, I was in mourn, I was hospitalized, had surgery, back to work, depress from lack of achievement and so on. I left my  camera behind and struggle with life and its issues.

Tonight I look back some of my pictures and decided I need to start to do it again and set back for a while. I need to realise that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer and need to relax and accept it.


Lady bug on Bunga Pukul 4, morning Glory, Mirabilis jalapa

Took this picture several months ago near my home. When I was kid, this plant, Mirabilis jalapa, was everywhere. I love to pick the black frit, the mature one, and play with it. Sometimes I crushed the fruit and used the powder as face powder. The ladybug is another toy. saw it plenty and I would catch them based on their colors or spots. Love to see them. So when I saw this lady bug on Mirabilis jalapa, it feels like back to my younger day. Only this time I captured it in a picture.


Achatina fulica, Bekicot


We call it Bekicot. This animal really really really make me mad. My home is next to vegetable plantation and there are lots of Bekicot, Giant Snail. So many of them succeed to move to other places including my house and happily eat my plants. I collect succulents, small one. Just in 1 night, 1 plant are dying because of this animal. I do not know what should I do with them 😦



Talking about snail, once I was offered this menu: snails in turmeric. At first, it looked like yucky but when I had it, it was quite yummy. However, I am not the fun of squishy things, so had it just once, is enough.


pick it

Using small bamboo or toothpick, trying to have the meat out from the shell. It is need effort but once you have it, it is yummy.

Alright, it is not bad for first upload after so long.

2016 will be over soon. I can not say that this year is not a good year for me but I hope (and I will) next year will be more exciting and fun and I regret nothing.

Have a good December, my friends

Sunday, Low key day

I need to go to Jakarta to renew my passport. Jakarta was my hometown and I spent my childhood and teenagehood there. I still remember the heath, the humidity and the crowded Jakarta but I can’t stand no more. My cousin took me everywhere by the only efficient and effective vehicle for Jakarta: motor bike.

So, I need something fresh. Went to the botanic garden in the morning and hoping it was quiet which I found the opposite. Got some pictures though. Here they are:


Spider Web

Spider is cosmopolitan. Find it everywhere. Well, they are just make a living. A decent one.


The spider

This one is not owned the previous web. Totally different. This species is commonly found in the garden.



I set myself to go home when I saw this animal. Zen. Tried to balance on a leaf when the air blew. It kept its position until realized that I took the picture.


The grasshopper

It decided to show me his back. Oh well, it’s time to move. I have to go home before trapped in traffic jam.




Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri. Selamat Lebaran. Eid Mubarak….

Well, after fasting for 3o days, Lebaran is coming. It means people, traffic jam, waste, and lock myself in the house. Lebaran means cities are empty and villages are full. (un)fortunately I live in a village and it means people people people.

Well, forget about the impact of the euphoria of Lebaran. For 4 days, I did not go anywhere, just continue my stitching, it is about the time to look up my photos.

I love dews. The only thing I can capture the dew, of course, in the morning or after the rain. Morning in Cibodas means around 20 degree celcius and lower that that during dry season. It is worth though. Sometimes my fingers are freeze but it is worth.









“That which God said to the rose, and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty, He said to my heart, and made it a hundred times more beautiful.” (J. Rumi)

Red RoseI supposed to be go directly to the nursery but it was a wet morning and I think it’s ok to spend 1 or 2 hours among the roses before the sun erased the dew from leaves and flowers.


Bud and Flowers

There are several variety of Roses: pink, red, white and pink.




Buds of white and pink cultivar

What I love the most is the dew……


On the edge


Getting on nerve

What a lovely day it was….



Rainy season just (almost) over. It pours, usually, in the afternoon and before the earth getting wet, it displays a beautiful sky.



This time I was using Olympus Pen EPL 7. Still confuse with the features



But I found an ART mode ant tried it in this photo.


It’s ….

Sneak Peak (1) : Cimande

I got an opportunity to go to several places at Gede Pangrango Mountain to collect some seed species. After more than 5 years enjoying the suburban atmosphere, going to the forest is like beyond imagination. Despite of weight gain and aging, the current situation is totally different from the last time I went to the forest.

Cimande is a small village with commercial villas along the road. Spent nights at the nearest inn, the edge of the forest is 1 hours walking. One hours for locals and for hours for us. It used to be tea plantation but now it is coffea, Jambon and vegetables.


This asphalt road are connecting the farthest inn to the campsite, before ended and change into steep and slippery dirt road.


The plantation are maintained neatly. Tomatoes and chilly. while coffee are growing unattended. 


This is the first time I met the scorpion! I was surprised to meet the icon of my zodiac. Scared yet curious. Saw 2 or 3 scorpions. 


Bogor is far below. Unfortunately, it was fog hanging above the city. Under those roofs are human, human and human. Perhaps some animals too


I am bad in capture the moving object. This car and other one car usually go in the morning to collect grasses for cows so it will be lucky if you meet them and get a ride. this 4×4 wheeled car is quite old. The man who drove it (pak Uyun) just 3 years handle this car. It was fascinating to sit beside him. When the road is too steep, slippery or rocky, the ladies who sit on the back prepared by sit on their knee to strengthen their position and not fall. The amazing thing was the men who sit on the roof of the car. I didn’t know how they survived up there. 


These ladies walked for 1 hour, more or less. Every morning. Returned home at the evening. I sat for 30 minutes, observing the street and I only saw healthy, slim and strong women. They are free from judgement of being working woman. They just work for family. 


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